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About Us

Our Mission:

To provide a comfortable, fun, engaging and spa-like experience for dogs of all sizes and ages for all of their bathing and grooming needs.

Committed to educating and guiding our clients on keeping their dogs’ coat, skin and nails healthy year round.

To support our community’s animal welfare initiatives through direct involvement with adoption incentives and fostering care.

Our Vision:

To be the premier location for dog washing and grooming for the entire life of your pet.

About Marley

Marley was born in 2012 in San Diego, CA and became a family member at 7 weeks old. She loved to swim in the beautiful ocean and roll herself in the glittering California sand so she became a regular at the local dog washes because washing a big dog her size was a big mess and inconvenience at home. When we moved back to Williamsburg in 2014, Marley discovered something new…..big…huge….mud puddles. She was obsessed.  She would go running toward them and there was nothing I could do to stop her. She would roll in it and lay in it just like a big potbelly pig. I would have to wash her in the driveway with a hose instead of trying to get her into the bathtub on the second story. I hated it! To say she was my inspiration was an understatement. Her unconditional love got me through some tough and dark times and her shenanigans gave me a really great business idea. 

Marley passed away from a really aggressive bone cancer in April 2022. Her legacy will certainly live on though her namesake and now other dogs can come in after they have performed some of their shenanigans in other mud puddles and oceans everywhere.


Since 2018, we have been serving the pets and families of our local area. We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships. We provide care for your fur baby as if they were our own, and ensure that they receive the highest quality care while you’re away.


When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the bathing and care that your pets need. With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on us to care and pamper your pets.


We are always prepared for any pet’s needs and strive to ensure that your pet receives the best treatment and love. Their happiness and welfare is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive.


This place is absolutely amazing. We have a very old, very large, very anxious, and very fluffy German Shepherd. We booked a self wash and from the second we walked in the door the staff was so friendly and so accommodating with our special needs dog. They helped us get him up a ramp into a tub because he couldn’t get in on his own, they brought out towels that we used on the floor of the tub to help ensure he wouldn’t slip in the basin, and they explained every single product they had and made recommendations to us based on his coat. He was blowing his coat so we ended up spending an hour just brushing him in preparation for the bath and even though we ended up taking WAY longer than we planned, they never rushed us and instead told us to take all the time we needed. Staff came and checked in and chatted with us every 15 minutes or so to make sure we were ok and I really appreciated that. The products were amazing, especially the stress relieving shampoo, but honestly you couldn’t ask for better staff members. It is so obvious that they love dogs and really just want to go above and beyond to help out however they can. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience — thanks so much!
Meagan Thomas
This was our Dogs first visit there and they were absolutely wonderful. Saint was so happy when we came to pick him up. Super clean; the staff and the owner were also very nice. We have definitely found our dog his spa day place! I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone. Saint will definitely be coming back!
Thomas Paul
I have quickly fallen in love with this place! They take such great care of you and your pup, and everyone is extremely welcoming. It is affordable, time friendly, and the atmosphere is just too cute! I look forward to coming here again; I most definitely appreciated the patience with my still learning puppy!
I took my pup Moose here yesterday after getting him back from a bad home and he was filthy. The owner was in, she was very nice and loved on Moose and giving him treats. She even let him pick out a treat! This is a wonderful place to take your pups, even to self wash. Friendly environment and all the equipment you'll ever need to give your pup that shiny fluffy coat!
Lynn Weiland
Amazing!!! Took my pitbull Duke today for a Self Wash and Go and I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful this shop is!! Super clean, wonderfully helpful staff, she got Duke in the tub for me. The wash areas are spotless and have Everything you need to give your pup a bath right there!!! Whatever products they use let me tell you, they are awesome cause Duke left there smelling SOO good and he was so soft and shiny I couldn't believe it!! I absolutely LOVE this place, the prices are incredible!! Needless to say this is where Duke will be going for all his Spa needs!! Thanks to the girl that did his nails, she was amazing with him!!!
Rebecca Hubbard
We like the self serve baths and the new groomer is awesome. Everyone is always willing to help here and it’s clean. We love the owner, very friendly and caring. The new groomer did such a great job and listened to what I wanted done. She knows exactly how to do doodle cuts(we have had some not so good ones prior to coming here) This is the very best groom my dog has had. Highly recommended for using the baths and for a groom.
Michele Kunsman
Larissa did an excellent job with Bo! He absolutely LOVED his bath today!!! Great Value, very professional and getting an appointment the same day was awesome!! I would highly recommend.
Sara Strother
Muddy Marley's was great! We did the self wash tubs for Jackson and Luna.... The staff was very sweet and super helpful. They had everything you need and then some to get your pups looking and smelling great. Our dogs were filthy when we brought them in and with Muddy Marley's shampoo and various brushes they looked like brand new animals when we were done. The little one is deathly afraid of the bath and with the help of the staff, a happy hoodie, and a lot of peanut butter she even let me dry her. The tubs were tall enough that my 6'5 husband didn't have to hunch too much to scrub them, and big enough to comfortably fit my 100 lb lab. Both pups got super cute bandanas at the end and there was a cookie available for purchase to complete the experience for them (or to bribe them into taking a photo, whichever lol). There's also a punch card rewards program which is cool. Highly recommend!
Lia Cumming
This place is great — the tubs are huge, the equipment works well and is clean, and there are a number of quality shampoos/conditioner/grooming care tools to use. To top it off, the staff are friendly and helpful. I have an 88 lb Great Pyrenees who does not like baths. We did the self-service, and it was by far the easiest and most comfortable bath experience she’s ever had.
I loved Marleys. My dog Smoke is a very vocal but playful pitbull. Most ppl cringe at his breed. Not Marleys. Not only were they super sweet but they didn't muzzle him and he enjoyed being pampered by their staff. I left him alone and i was anxious the entire time afraid because of his separation anxiety that it may have been too stressful! Not only did my 1 year pup have fun, he kept waiting for them to come home with us! I def recommend Marleys
Bae Owens
I have taken both our dogs, one is a big muscle dog the other a mini poodle. Easiest place to bathe your pets, big or small. The owner Rebecca is fantastic.
Kevan-withanA Danker
Mrs. Becky and her team are wonderful with our three puppers. She treats them like her kids. Love this place!
Brandi Vales
What an absolutely wonderful place! And such a good deal. The membership is absolutely worth it. Our past experiences with bathing our dog was quite an ordeal. This place makes it so easy. It was actually a fun experience. Highly recommended!
Michael W
Muddy Marley’s did an absolute fabulous job cleaning up my dirty little dogs. They looked incredible. The shop is so clean and well kept. They are definitely worth a visit.
Sharon Campbell
Very nice staff, very friendly and attentive. I really enjoy even the location. Near this store it’s a coffee shop and I was enjoying a cup of coffee waiting my dog Luna
Cristina Kacso
Great experience every time and super helpful with my very stubborn bassett hound who acts like I am trying to drown him when he gets a bath!!
Angela Hill
Great little shop! Super friendly staff, very easy to get in and out, I would definitely go back again!
Matt Nemero
Absolute awesome experience, local business. we all loved it.
Jeff Morrison
These ladies are amazing!
Kristi Emerson
Very friendly staff. Very patient. Will definitely return.
Lisa Parker


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