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Full Serve / Grooming

Self-Serve Basic Wash


Just the barkin' basics:

Shampoo, conditioner, towels and dryer, tearfree Blueberry Facial Cleanser, Face cloth, brushes, combs and grooming rakes

*Upgrade your shampoo for $2.50

Self-Serve Spa Wash


Just like the Basic Wash, but more!

The following products and items are included in your self-serve experience:

  • 5 different shampoo* – whitening, deshedding, oatmeal and aloe, deodorizing, medicated and a hypoallergenic shampoo
  • Moisturizing conditioner
  • Paw Conditioner
  • Ear Cleaning Solution and Cotton Rounds – quick drying ear cleaning solution provided to remove wax and dirt buildup as well as cotton balls and rounds for application
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste – enzmatic toothpaste and toothbrush provided
  • Choice of seasonal bandana
  • Happy Hoodie – provided upon request to create a swaddling effect and help reduce the loud dryer noise and help instill calmness

*Shampoo Options: Whitening, Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo, Deshedding, Degreaser and Deodorizer, Medicated, Hypoallergenic

Individual Options:

  • Nail Trim $12
  • Nail Trim and Grind $20
  • Ear Flush/Cleaning $10
  • Teeth Brushing Service $6
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